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Have Tamara and David present at your next event!

Their compelling story and refreshing speaking styles are a great addition to any conference, gathering, or workshop. Focusing on how to achieve resilience and a positive mindset during personal or professional challenges, Tamara and David are now available for your company or organization to speak in person or remotely!

Signature topics include:

Positive Mindset Toolbox

FOCUS: Manage moments of stress and negativity that get in the way of success in your career, relationships, and even your health.

EXPECTED RESULTS: Prevent burnout, decision fatigue, and overwhelm throughout the demands of life and work, while maximizing your time, productivity, quality-of-life, and sleep.

Mastering Moments of Stress For Strategic Leaders

FOCUS: Creative and unique ways to build a practice of mindfulness to easily reduce job intensity, remain centered throughout the day, maintain resiliency, and easily change channels in a fast-paced world.

EXPECTED RESULTS: Optimizes resilience, productivity, and self-awareness for busy executives and entrepreneurs.

One Minute to Calm

FOCUS: Learn quick, practical mind-body self-care tools to quickly shift. Recommended for anyone who is facing daily stress in their personal or professional life.

EXPECTED RESULTS: Reduce stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, burnout, and overwhelm, increase productivity and creativity.

Live Calm With Cancer

FOCUS: Stage IV cancer survivor David and his wife/caregiver, Tamara, talk straight about their cancer journey and how you, too, can navigate the choppy waters of diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship through life-altering major illness.

EXPECTED RESULTS: Through stories, mindfulness tips, and meditations, they show how to release cancer-related depression and anxiety and experience the tremendous power of love and gratitude.

Unleash The Power of Mind-Body Wellbeing

FOCUS: Having worked in hospitals and pre-hospital emergency care collectively for over 39 years, Tamara and David understand how stressful and demanding a healthcare provider’s career can be. Participants learn and experience mind-body wellness practices that help them become engaged, present, relaxed and energized.

EXPECTED RESULTS: Using fun, quick, easy, and highly effective self-care tools, Tamara and David help employees to become less overwhelmed, creating a more satisfying, fulfilling job experience.

Inquiries & Bookings

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