Quality care and patient experience, optimized.

Quality care and patient experience, optimized.

At Loving Meditations, we’re all about making your job easier.

Choose one of the bundles below to add value to what you already offer (such as your Pain Management protocols and emotional support for patients and their families).

Take your practice, group or facility to a whole new level of excellence by offering tools for restorative relaxation while maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

Your staff will benefit, too. The calmer your patients and their families, the more effective you and your staff can be, increasing job satisfaction and promoting resilience.

Loving Meditations bundles help you:

Improve quality care

Upgrade patient satisfaction

Transform your waiting room environment

Provide stress reduction tools for patients and caregivers

Reduce staff overwhelm and burnout

Choose the Bundle that’s right for your practice or center:

Home Bundle

Ideal for the home. Great gift for those living with major illness.

3 months of LMTV

1 App Premium annual subscription

1 signed Live Calm With Cancer book

Small Practice /
Telemedicine Bundle

Perfect for small to medium facilities and e-health practices.

Choice of either: (1) 6-months of LMTV or (2) Patient/Caregiver access to Virtual Support Groups

25 App Premium annual subscriptions

10 copies of Live Calm With Cancer book

One Minute To Calm Webinar 2x/year

Email customer support



Plus Bundle

Designed for medium to large medical practices.

1 year of LMTV with your logo/tagline

50 App Premium annual subscriptions

25 copies of Live Calm With Cancer book

One Minute To Calm Webinar 4x/year

Patient/Caregiver access to Virtual Support Groups

Email customer support


Best Value

Premiere Bundle

Designed for medical groups, hospitals, and corporations.

1 year of LMTV with your logo/tagline

100 App Premium annual subscriptions

50 copies of Live Calm With Cancer book

One Minute To Calm Webinar 6x/year

Patient/Caregiver access to Virtual Support Groups

Priority phone and email support

*Bundle prices per one facility. Discounted rates for multiple facilities.

Not finding the Bundle that works for you and your practice? No worries. Contact us and we’ll help you create the perfect solution.

Waiting Room TV

Loving Meditations App

Live Calm With Cancer Book

One Minute To Calm Workshop

Positive Mindset Toolbox Video Series

Virtual Support Groups

David’s Oncologist’s plea for help and
how it led to Loving Meditation’s programs

About a year after David’s initial diagnosis of stage IV cancer, he had a follow-up visit with Dr. C., his Oncologist. As always, Tamara accompanied him.

During the exam, Dr. C. announced that David’s scans were clear and that he was now officially cancer-free. Hallelujah!!

He then commented, “That was not an easy regimen you just had, David, but you did phenomenally well!” He asked if there was something he did that helped him get through treatment in such good emotional and physical shape. David replied, “I used a mindful practice including audio programs.” Dr. C.’s eyes lit up and proclaimed, “That’s what I want for all of my patients and their families!”

Dr. C. proceeded to chat about how the cancer treatment center was busier than ever. His time spent with patients was getting increasingly more limited. He wished there was a way his patients could become calm before their exams or treatments.

As Dr. C. talked, David and Tamara’s eyes met… a light bulb lit up.

They’d already been creating and webcasting a guided meditation series called Miracle Mondays Meditations for the past seven years, which a large audience had connected to. They had also walked the walk… lived through the cancer experience as patient and caregiver with good results using mindfulness and meditation. Now David’s doctor was pointing out a shortcoming within his oncology practice revealing a huge need within the cancer community.

As David and Tamara had exchanged huge smiles, they had their a-ha! moment: Loving Meditations was born.

Elevate your practice. Uplevel patient satisfaction.

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