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Quality care and patient experience, optimized.

Quality care and patient experience, optimized.

At Loving Meditations, we’re all about making your job easier.

Choose one of the bundles below to add value to what you already offer (such as your Pain Management protocols and emotional support for patients and their families).

Take your practice, group or facility to a whole new level of excellence by offering tools for restorative relaxation while maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

Your staff will benefit, too. The calmer your patients and their families, the more effective you and your staff can be, increasing job satisfaction and promoting resilience.

Loving Meditations bundles help you:

Improve quality care

Upgrade patient satisfaction

Transform your waiting room environment

Provide stress reduction tools for patients and caregivers

Reduce staff overwhelm and burnout

Choose the Bundle that’s right for your practice or center:

Home Bundle

Ideal for the home. Great gift for those living with major illness.

3 months of LMTV

1 App Premium annual subscription

1 signed Live Calm With Cancer book

Small Practice /
Telemedicine Bundle

Perfect for small to medium facilities and e-health practices.

1 year of LMTV

25 App Premium annual subscriptions

10 copies of Live Calm With Cancer book

One Minute To Calm Webinar 2x/year

Email customer support



Plus Bundle

Designed for medium to large medical practices.

1 year of LMTV with your logo/tagline

50 App Premium annual subscriptions

25 copies of Live Calm With Cancer book

One Minute To Calm Webinar 4x/year

Patient/Caregiver access to Virtual Support Groups

Email customer support


Best Value

Premiere Bundle

Designed for medical groups, hospitals, and corporations.

1 year of LMTV with your logo/tagline

100 App Premium annual subscriptions

50 copies of Live Calm With Cancer book

One Minute To Calm Webinar 6x/year

Patient/Caregiver access to Virtual Support Groups

Priority phone and email support

*Bundle prices per one facility. Discounted rates for multiple facilities.

Not finding the Bundle that works for you and your practice? No worries. Contact us and we’ll help you create the perfect solution.

Waiting Room TV

Loving Meditations TV (LMTV):
  • Creates an oasis of calm in any public space, waiting room, infusion chair, computer, or tablet.
  • LMTV uses cinematic visuals, inspiring original music by Grammy® nominated engineer and composer, David Dachinger.
  • Unlike any other environmental TV program, LMTV has the unique feature of mindful messaging including:
    • Fascinating facts about nature, science, the human body, and more.
    • Inspiring and uplifting quotes.
    • Easy, on-the-spot, stress-reducing exercises.
Professional Plus Bundle customization options include:
  • Your logo and tagline message featured between each 6-minute segment
    • Includes one update per year
Premiere Bundle customization options include:
  • Your logo and tagline message featured between each 6-minute segment
    • Includes one update per year
  • Facility Information e.g. permanent hours of operation
    • Includes one update per year
  • Periodic information updates e.g. holiday hours: Additional $297 per year (if all information is the same for all facilities or buildings).
    • Includes 8 updates per year
“LMTV has been a good investment for my waiting room because my clients report feeling calmer and more uplifted. As a result, their bodies are more relaxed, which makes for easier chiropractic adjustments.” – Dr. Graf of Graf Sports & Family Chiropractic

Loving Meditations App

The Loving Meditations App:
  • Makes self-care and stress management for your patients and caregivers an easy, regular practice.
  • Has content that includes mindfulness, hypnotherapy, and guided meditations to help lessen sleeplessness, treatment side effects, depression, anxiety, stress, scanxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm.
  • Helps to elevate daily quality-of-life for all those touched by cancer and other major illnesses, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
For extra app subscriptions:
  • Small Practice/Telemedicine – Subscription power pack of 25 for $397
  • Professional Plus Bundle – Subscription power pack of 50 for $797
  • Premiere Bundle – Subscription power pack of 100 for $1,597 (Customization available upon request.)
“I work for an oncology home care agency and the Loving Meditations app has been so beneficial for our patients. Whether it’s for nausea, pain, sleep issues, and other difficulties that come with a cancer diagnosis and treatment, this app has helped so many people have an easier day.” – Patty, Homecare RN

Live Calm With Cancer Book

Live Calm with Cancer… (and Beyond) international bestselling book:
  • A patient and caregiver guide to finding more ease through the power of mindfulness.
  • A patient and caregiver guide to finding more ease through the power of mindfulness.
  • Stage IV cancer survivor David Dachinger and his wife, Tamara Green, talk straight about their cancer journey and how you, too, can navigate the choppy waters of diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.
  • Through stories, tips, practices, and meditations, Tamara and David show the way for anyone experiencing illness-related stress, anger, sadness, isolation, or fear.
  • Paperback copies: Perfect for patients or caregivers to read in your waiting room or infusion center.
For extra books:
  • Small Practice/Telemedicine – Book power pack of 10 for $157*
  • Professional Plus Bundle – Book power pack of 25 for $397*
  • Premiere Bundle – Book power pack of 50 for $797* (Hand-signed by the authors.)

*Plus shipping. Extra shipping fees apply for international shipping.

“Facing major illness or standing by and watching a loved one deal with a diagnosis is overwhelming, heartbreaking, and can be riddled with fear. So how do you remain calm and action focused for healing? Live Calm with Cancer answers those questions! Tamara and David share their personal experiences and offer that much needed guidance. Must Read!” – Kristen (Caregiver), Massachusetts

One Minute To Calm Workshop

One Minute to Calm Workshop:
  • This workshop offers simple self-care tools, overviews of the latest neuroscience, and hands-on techniques including meditation and mindfulness.
  • Recommended for those facing daily stress, including patients, caregivers, and survivors.
  • Reveals current scientific research on the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.
  • Offers several “take-home” exercises to create calm in any moment, to help reduce anxiety, sleeplessness, burnout, and overwhelm.
  • Provides easy online registration for your patients using HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform.
“David and Tamara gave us very useful content and hands-on activities. The topics covered are very relevant to the stress and anxiety I experience. One of the best webinars I’ve ever attended!” – Jonas (Patient), Connecticut

Positive Mindset Toolbox Video Series

The Positive Mindset Toolbox Video Series:
  • Are 5-minute modules where patients, caregivers, and survivors will learn how to clear their mind of the negativity that is blocking their ability to achieve peace of mind, comfort, and a restful night’s sleep.
  • Viewers will gain insights on how to overcome and correct those downward spirals of toxic emotions.
  • Include mind-body tools and techniques that are unique, fun and super simple.
  • Current modules include (new content added regularly):
    • Mastering Stress
    • Ways To Physically and Mentally Relax
    • Brain Boosters For Feeling Revitalized
    • Bounceback From Burnout
    • How To Achieve Quality Sleep
“I love this video series! In every 5-minute module, David and Tamara give easy tips to get through any stressful moment. They also share the latest science that backs up their techniques, which helps me understand why they’re so effective. I always feel better after watching!” – Julie (patient), Washington

Virtual Support Groups

Virtual Loving Support Groups:
  • Are for those living with and impacted by cancer.
  • Are educational in nature and not a medical intervention or psychotherapy group. Provide a container for sharing and connecting with others in a nurturing and learning environment.
  • Increasing self-awareness and wonderful engagement in self-care.
  • Use highly integrative techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, breathwork, gentle body movement, self-expression, and other approaches that are taught in a supportive environment.
  • Emphasize a sense of community (never more than 10 people per group).
  • Meet on a set day and time for 8 weeks, 2-hours each week.
  • Are facilitated via computer using HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform.
  • Are an opportunity to integrate mind-body skills into one’s daily life.
  • Are highly supportive, helping group members work through any difficulties along the way.

Note: This is not a webinar nor an open or drop-in group. Instead this in an intimate and highly-supportive experience with a skilled facilitator who is also an equal participant in the group.

Who should you refer to our Virtual Loving Support Groups?

Although everyone can benefit from a Loving Support Group, we are specifically focused on helping adults (must be 18 and older) of all backgrounds that are dealing with the impact of cancer. Everyone who joins should be committed to undertaking a journey – the process of understanding and promoting an innate sense of well-being regardless of the presence or absence of specific symptoms or challenges.

  • Living with cancer: Patients diagnosed and in treatment for cancer.
  • Caregivers: Family members or friends who are caring for a patient with cancer.
  • Survivors: Patients that are no longer in the initial intensive treatment phase of cancer.
  • Bereavement: Those who are grieving the loss of a loved one who had cancer.
“My Caregiver group has been a wonderful factor in my ability to cope before and after my wife’s passing. Tamara was my facilitator and she and my fellow caregivers have been a tremendous comfort and support.” – Joe (Caregiver) of New York
David’s Oncologist’s plea for help and
how it led to Loving Meditation’s programs

About a year after David’s initial diagnosis of stage IV cancer, he had a follow-up visit with Dr. C., his Oncologist. As always, Tamara accompanied him.

During the exam, Dr. C. announced that David’s scans were clear and that he was now officially cancer-free. Hallelujah!!

He then commented, “That was not an easy regimen you just had, David, but you did phenomenally well!” He asked if there was something he did that helped him get through treatment in such good emotional and physical shape. David replied, “I used a mindful practice including audio programs.” Dr. C.’s eyes lit up and proclaimed, “That’s what I want for all of my patients and their families!”

Dr. C. proceeded to chat about how the cancer treatment center was busier than ever. His time spent with patients was getting increasingly more limited. He wished there was a way his patients could become calm before their exams or treatments.

As Dr. C. talked, David and Tamara’s eyes met… a light bulb lit up.

They’d already been creating and webcasting a guided meditation series called Miracle Mondays Meditations for the past seven years, which a large audience had connected to. They had also walked the walk… lived through the cancer experience as patient and caregiver with good results using mindfulness and meditation. Now David’s doctor was pointing out a shortcoming within his oncology practice revealing a huge need within the cancer community.

As David and Tamara had exchanged huge smiles, they had their a-ha! moment: Loving Meditations was born.

Elevate your practice. Uplevel patient satisfaction.

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