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Newsletter – June 2021

By June 1, 2021September 7th, 2021Newsletter

June 2021

Peaceful Oasis Live Meditation Concerts are live-streamed, instantly transforming your home into a refuge of calm. Hosted by David and Tamara, these broadcasts are a mission of love and inspiration, helping to ease stress, pain, and loss for those touched by cancer.

Each show features extraordinary masters of transformation from around the world who perform unique and wonderful musical and meditative experiences so you can unwind your mind and destress your body.

Come join us and make Peaceful Oasis Live part of your loving self-care routine.

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Watch Peaceful Oasis Live on Facebook, YouTube, or by downloading the free e360tv App to your Smart TV, Apple TV, ROKU or Amazon Fire device. (Go to Health and Wellness Channel)

Debbi Dachinger & Rob Rowe
Music as Medicine to Heal
Wed. June 2, 2021 at 7pm Eastern

The Lions of Lyra band members, Debbi and Rob, have a unique brand of entertainment, which fuses beautiful conscious music that ignites your soul and uplifts your spirit. Their music is intended to induce a heart-and-mind-opening journey.

Karen Abrams
Healing Isn’t Just in the Dr’s Office
Wed. June 16th, 2021 at 7pm Eastern

This Master Theta healer will teach you a powerful approach to releasing the stress and tension associated with having cancer or loving someone with cancer. You will learn how to boost your body’s energetic immunity.

Art Giser, Part 1
Emotional Freedom Using Energetic Neuro-Linguistaic Programming
Wed. June 30, 2021 at 7pm Eastern

In this two-part series, this internationally renowned NLP trainer will show you how to heal and release old emotions, clear other people’s emotional energy out of your energy field, and heal unconscious programming that causes ongoing unpleasant emotions.

Feeling anxious, unsteady or uncertain? Then stop what you’re doing right now and listen to our newest meditation. It is quickly becoming our App user’s favorite!!

Meditation Like A Mountain: Become stable, grounded and present with no effort, just like a mountain, within minutes.

June is…

Cancer Survivor Awareness Month

We recognize and admire you wonderful patients, caregivers, and survivors that have been touched by cancer. We want to hear about your life, your perspectives, your questions, your challenges, and your victories.

Question of the Month: Survivors, how did you overcome your fears of treatments, side effects, or the possibility of death?

Share your answer or cancer story here and (with your consent) we’ll feature it in an upcoming Loving Meditations Newsletter.

Who wants to meditate with the dolphins in Hawaii?

This month, Loving Meditations is featuring the wonderful retreats of our meditation teacher, Michel Pascal.

Michel has created a new approach to relaxation with no effort and no exercise. This is the same meditation that is benefiting prisoners, Veterans, and so many others who deal with a huge amount of daily stress.

Michel’s retreats have transformed our lives and we know they’ll transform yours, as well.

Open dates at this moment are August 25 through September 10, 2021.

Yes, I want to meditate with the dolphins!

Wishing you ease and calm,

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