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Newsletter – December 2021

By December 1, 2021December 15th, 2021Newsletter

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Incredible events for December and 2022

Wednesday, December 1st
4:00pm PT / 5:00pm MT / 6:00pm CT / 7:00pm ET

Charmaine Hammond
Cancer: When No Words Seem Right

Charmaine Hammond is a professional speaker, and best-selling, award-winning author who has worked for many years in the mental health and resilience sectors. As a professional speaker, she presents on communication, conflict resolution, collaboration, and compassion around the world. Since relaxation exercises and visualization played a significant role in her recent journey with breast cancer, this is exactly what she’ll be sharing with you, too.

Wednesday, December 15th
4:00pm PT / 5:00pm MT / 6:00pm CT / 7:00pm ET

Karen Olson, PhD
Using Sound To Embrace Cancer As Your Teacher

Dr. Karen Olson is a multi-award-winning, Billboard-topping musician, composer and recording artist, best-selling author, speaker, and Reiki Master. Her unique sound healing method is outlined in her book, SoundPath: Using the Power of Sound and Silence for Health, Harmony and Happiness. Her music performances and treatments are being used in Integrative Cancer Care, Cancer Prevention, and Immune Enhancement programs. In this episode, Dr. Olson will sooth your heart, mind and soul while masterfully playing her viola.


Wednesday, December 1st
4:00pm PT / 5:00pm MT / 6:00pm CT / 7:00pm ET

Healing Holiday Concert

Carnegie Hall performers are making an exclusive show just for you, so please join us and let the music be your medicine. To help inspire hope and joy, world-renowned singer, composer, film director, author, and meditation teacher, Michel Pascal, will sing his messages of love. In this unique meditative-like holiday concert, Michel is accompanied by two-time Grammy® nominated recording engineer/composer David Dachinger on his flutes and keyboard. Together, these musical masters spark the wonderful holiday spirit of celebration.

To find out more about this free event, please contact us at

Monday, December 7th 7:00-8:15pm

A Night of Remembrance

Gilda’s Club Westchester will be hosting a Night of Remembrance, via Zoom. We invite you to join our community in an evening providing quiet music and meditation by Michel Pascal, readings, candle lighting, reflection, and a slide show with images and words dedicated to your loved ones. Please bring a battery operated candle to the event.

Michel Pascal is a multi-talented artist, meditation expert, creator of Meditation for Daily Stress, whose programs are in Fortune 500 companies, singer, performer at Carnegie Hall, film director of “We are Never Alone” starring Deepak Chopra, author of 20 books.

To find out more about this free event, please contact us at


December is the last month of Peaceful Oasis Live meditation concerts. Instead, Loving Meditations is now offering…


Ready to shift out of daily stress and into clarity, calm and presence? Veteran psychotherapist, author, and meditation teacher, Tamara Green, LCSW, uses her knowledge, training, uplifting personality, and soulful approach to create exactly what you need during these trying times. One topic at a time, Tamara will dive into your mind, emotions, and behaviors, and how to easily manage them. You’ll become positively addicted to her mood-boosters ranging from simple and effective tools to no-effort meditations. Stay tuned for more details coming to your inbox soon!


Responder Resilience is a show dedicated to improving the mental and physical well-being of police, fire, EMS, and dispatch personnel. Hosted by Lt. David Dachinger (Ret.), Dr. Stacy Raymond, Psy.D., and Bonnie C. Rumilly, LCSW/EMT-B, these broadcasts feature expert guests sharing vital information about health and wellness topics for first responders. For resilience strategies from the front lines of responder health and wellness, subscribe and watch it here.

Unplug Your Brain – To help manage your run-away thoughts and emotions during the holiday, take 1-minute to unplug your brain with no effort and feel instant peace and calm.

The Perfect Gift
Poem written by Dan Rutberg, a loving caregiver

If I could choose the perfect gift for you,

One that when unwrapped, you would gasp and say

“Oh my Oh yes, it’s just what I’ve always wanted”

and you would hold it up to the light and turn it around

and when you looked up and away from this precious gift

your eyes would be misty and tear filled with joy!

I have spent the last few weeks pulling at my new grown beard

racking my brain attempting to think of a gift so perfect

it might come close to the many gifts you have given me.

I think back on those gifts to better form a picture of a fitting gift for you.

Your first gift and most enduring, 50 years and its still ticking is your love for me.

A love that let me fall back asleep after the Gorillas

paraded through my dreams in our tiny little house in Suffern, NY

A love that has seen me through those awkward teenage years,

Pops passing, the mania of the Sixty’s,

and my early failures in my attempts to grow up and be a mensch.

But in addition to this mothers love of warm kisses and hugs

and soft hands placing a bandage on my scraped knee

you have always had confidence in me and knew that the potential

my teachers always reminded me I wasn’t reaching would one day be fulfilled.

It might have stated as early as the time when I was just four years old and

Pop was working nights that you had me place a mouse trap in the bathroom.

But for these many years across the kitchen table late into the night

you spoke to me in such a way

that I finally understood the words your mother spoke to you.

“That the morning is always brighter than the night”

and one day I would wake up and be part of that light

instead of the boy who brought a rain cloud with him wherever he went.

The third gift that is so precious to me

was a gift that Pop and you planted firmly inside me was our love for humanity.

As Abou Ben Adam said

“Let it be written that I am one who loves his fellow man”

These three gifts;

your love, confidence and desire to make a difference in society

Each day, one person at a time

are the pillars on which I stand.

These are the gifts I have shared with my bride and with my sons.

My Gift to you

Although it may not be shiny or bright or when held in the air reflect the light

the only gift that I can think to offer is to acknowledge all that you have given me

and to let you know that I try in some small way

to give these gifts away each and every day.

So here is my present to you on your 80th birthday

My eternal love, heartfelt respect and deepest gratitude

for all of the treasures that you have given me.

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