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1 Year Complimentary Premium Access

Welcome to your Premium Access to the Loving Meditations App.
Follow these easy steps:

Download the iOS App or Android App on your smartphone or tablet.

On Home screen, Tap New? Register for Free or Premium content HERE

← On Register New Account page,

  • Fill in (1) Username, (2) Email, and (3) Password.
  • (4) Tap subscription Level Premium: Annual.
  • (5) Enter Discount Code acs2021 and tap the Apply button.
  • (6) Skip the credit card section.
  • (7) Move to the bottom of the page and check  the Terms of Use and Privacy boxes, Uncheck the Auto Renew box
  • Tap Register and Enjoy!

Please contact us at if you need assistance.

Download Loving Meditations App here:

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