Media Events

PUBLISHED! Magazine (10/01/2019)

Live Calm with Cancer (and Beyond...) - We can shift our focus from negative and dramatic circumstances to become positive and grateful, shifting us to a better place.

Soul Nectar Show (06/16/2019)

Loving Yourself Through Cancer - David & Tamara spoke to Kerri Hummingbird about overcoming any challenge, even the threat of death, through self-mastery.

Autoimmune Hour Show (06/07/2019)

What Now? Navigating Your New Normal - David & Tamara shared best tips and thoughts on what the ‘new normal’ is like after a life-changing diagnosis.

10XTogether (04/03/2019)

Secrets of a Loving Marriage and Leveraging Adversity as a Gift - David & Tamara spoke to Melinda Wittstock about how to come through adversity to build a stronger bond of love and bootstrap a successful business.)

Mama Bear Cancer Support Radio (03/17/2019)

Self-care Tools For Cancer Patients and Caregivers - David & Tamara spoke to Donita Wheeler about elevating quality of life for all those touched by cancer.

Surviving Cancer Stress Podcast (02/22/2019)

Finding Ease through Mindfulness - David and Tamara recount their journey as a patient and caregiver, and offer advice on how to find calm through meditation to ease the accompanying anxiety and stress associated with cancer and cancer treatment.

The Power House Podcast with Candy Barone (01/15/2019)

What Do I Need - Tamara and David joined Candy Barone to discuss how to create a space of quiet to connect to ourselves & each other.

Dating With Dignity Show with Marni Battista (12/27/2018)

Don’t Let Caregiving Take Over Your Life! - When we are called upon to become a caregiver, it is important we continue to take care of ourselves.

Take The Lead Radio with Diane Hamilton (12/27/2018)

Label your feelings to release your emotions - Appreciate your body throughout the process.

Power Your Life Radio with Jo Anne White ( 10/25/2018)

Dramatically Improve the Cancer Experience - Learn instant calming, presence techniques you can do anywhere.

Giving Back Podcast with Rob Lowe (08/20/2018)

Stress Reduction Practices for Your Soul - Tamara and David shared the simple practices anybody can use to reduce stress while they face illness and disease.

Interview with Mindalia TV (07/17/2018)

Mind-Body Tools For Cancer Patients, & Caregivers - Learn about Self-Care and Self-Love. Anxiety, stress and overwhelm. Pain and discomfort from medical treatment side-effects. Nurturing relationships during medical crises.

Purpose Up Podcast with Ben Stein (07/14/2018)

Bringing Mindfulness to Cancer - David & Tamara relay the story of David’s diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, the chaos that ensued, and how they brought mindfulness into the healing process.

Speaking of Partnership Podcast with Ken Bechtel (05/30/2018)

Experiencing Every Moment - David & Tamara speak to Ken Bechtel on how their cancer journey transformed & inspired them to pay their experiences forward to the cancer community.

The Gratitude Podcast with Georgian Benta (05/14/2018)

Feeling Empowered And Calm In The Face of Adversity - David & Tamara speak to Georgian Benta on how to reduce stress, anxiety, pain and discomfort throughout their cancer journey.

No Quit Living With Christopher J. Wirth (04/25/2018)

No Quit Living and Cancer - Learn how David chose to get ready and busy living instead of dying after having been told he had stage 4 cancer.

Vibrant Powerful Moms Show with Debbie Pokornik (02/04/2018)

Using Your Mindful Muscle to Boost Inner Strength - Quick and easy mindful tips you can use to decrease anxiety and overwhelm.

Five To Thrive Live with Karolyn Gazella (01/24/2018)

Nurturing Relationships During Crises - During cancer crises, learn how to protect, manage and nurture important relationships.

The Nancy Gaines Show with Nancy Gaines (01/17/2018)

Taming Your Fears Using Meditation - Hear how meditation and calmness helped David and Tamara overcome cancer – and how they now pay it forward with their app and book.

Experts Insight Online Radio with Viki Winterton (01/10/2018)

Authors Tamara Green and David Dachinger on Write Now Radio! - Hear how this married couple got through their cancer experience with more calm.

Bronxnet TV with Rhina Valentin (12/01/2017)

Living Calm with Cancer - Tamara & David discuss their book, Live Calm With Cancer (and Beyond…): A Patient & Caregiver Guide To Finding More Ease Through The Power Of Meditation.

The Power House Radio Show with Candy Barone (11/27/2017)

A Mindful Approach to Surviving Cancer - You'll a experience massive power punch with not one, but two incredible, heart-centered thought leaders.

Leaders Of Transformation Radio with Nicole Jansen (11/28/2017)

Living With Cancer? Get Your Power Back! - Using the power of mindfulness to manage through life's darkest storms.

The Inspire Possibility Show with Mark Susnow (11/19/2017)

Meditation - Receive on a deeper level - Choose to be in this moment.

The Autoimmune Hour with Sharon Saylor (11/18/2017)

Are You Busy Living or What…? - What to do instead of focusing on fears and how to honor your own miracle machine — your body!

Dare To Dream Radio Show with Debbi Dachinger (11/15/2017)

Dare To Be Calm Through Your Cancer Experience - A deep and revealing conversation with Tamara and David on navigating the turbulent waters of cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

My Authentic Life Magazine (November 2017)

My Authentic Life Magazine

Tell All Tuesdays with Kristen Darcy (10/19/2017)

Real Men Meditate - Lowering men’s stress level with meditation.

A Fine Time For Healing Radio with Randi Fine (03/10/2017)

Loving Meditations for Cancer Patients and Caregivers - What to do instead of focusing on fears.

The Caregiving Show with Denise Brown (08/12/2016)

Comfort During Cancer Care - Caring for a family member with cancer… yet remaining calm.

The Cancer Warrior with Mel Majoros (08/12/2016)

Why Loving Meditations Helps Cancer Patients and Caregivers - A practice with a cognitive experience to help you make a shift from negative thinking.

Breast Friends Cancer Support Radio (03/14/2014)

Mindfulness – Thriving With Cancer - What can patients and caregivers who are stressed while waiting for scans, exams, and test results? Listen in now!