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What if your waiting room TV could be used to create a calming environment by replacing the noise and chatter of news and daytime TV with a mindful alternative?  Our frequent and stressful experiences in waiting rooms inspired us to create Loving Meditations TV (LMTV), designed to offer a more relaxed experience while waiting for health care services. 

A recent study found that blood pressure and pulse of blood donors in a waiting room were lower on days when a wall-mounted television displayed a nature videotape, compared to days with continuous daytime television programs (Ulrich, Simons, & Miles, 2003).

You can now integrate the calming effect of Loving Meditations into your waiting room. Loving Meditations TV features beautiful images, expansive music and uplifting mindful messages, to help transform the waiting environment into a more tranquil experience.

If you’re a health care professional, take a moment and visualize this…

LMTV has transformed your waiting area into an environment of calm with spectacular nature images accompanied by expansive and inspiring music, thought-provoking facts about nature, the human body, and the mind’s amazing capabilities. Your existing TV now adds to a positive and relaxing atmosphere.

Here’s what a happy customer expressed in April 2018:

“We love Loving Meditations TV and our clients love it as well. We have several who come in early just to watch and de-stress before sessions. It’s doing its job!” – Kelly, Whole Life Solutions

Try our cost-effective and easy-to-use LMTV today. You’ll see how simple it is to add mindfulness to your wait area.

Get Started Loving Meditations Waiting Room TV

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