Loving Meditations Waiting Room TV

This video features excerpts from LMTV at 1:54

doctor-waiting-room-calming-tv-loop-benefit-mind-bodyWhat if your waiting room TV could be used to benefit patients instead of stressing them with the noise and chatter of news and daytime TV?  A recent study found that blood pressure and pulse of blood donors in a waiting room were lower on days when a wall-mounted television displayed a nature videotape, compared to days with continuous daytime television programs (Ulrich, Simons, & Miles, 2003).

You can now bring the calming effect of Loving Meditations to your waiting room. Loving Meditations TV features beautiful images, expansive music, meditation excerpts and positive mindful messages. These assist patients in feeling grounded, centered and more tranquil during their time waiting for health-care services.

"Mindfulness meditation and mindfulness-based clinical interventions are low-cost and low-risk mind-body practices that have been shown to positively affect quality of life and biological outcomes in many different populations, including cancer patients and healthcare professionals." -CancerNetwork.com, Home of the Journal Oncology

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