Loving Meditations App
For Cancer Patients and Caregivers


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Experience your meditations anytime, anywhere with the Loving Meditations App. Loving Meditations are delivered by iOS app and Android at healthcare facilities or at home, and use mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) practices. 


Imagine you’re sitting in the infusion center hooked up to a cocktail of IV medications. You are expecting to be sitting there for a few hours, anticipating discomfort and with time on your hands. Then you remember you have the Loving Meditations app on your device. Finding the right meditation is as simple as opening the app and answering a few questions with the Adviser feature which quickly guides you to helpful programs. Next, press play and enjoy the meditation. Close your eyes and zone out or watch the beautiful images on the screen.


Available on devices including Android,  iPhone or iPad.

  • Start the day with an Inspiration to lift your spirits
  • Quickly launch a mindfulness practice with step-by-step instructions and app tutorial
  • Free download gives you easy access to Loving Meditations basic content
  • Self-care and stress management tools, for cancer patients and caregivers
  • Subscribers receive daily notifications for Inspirations and tracking your progress
  • Choose from patient and caregiver meditations lasting from 2 to 22 minutes
  • Program topics include Serene Sleep, Beneficial Breath, Creating Calm, Vital Recharge and Personal Power
  • The Meditation Adviser easily directs you to the most helpful meditations in our library
  • Premium subscribers receive access to the full library of meditations and daily programs