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One Minute To Calm: How to Log-In to Nature to Ground Yourself (COVID-19)

Do current world events have you feeling down, isolated, or unsteady? If so, do you remember the last time you stepped outside and admired the beauty of the great outdoors? You have a fantastic opportunity to use Mother Nature to your advantage.

Nature has a powerful way of healing negative thoughts and emotions. If you’re looking to calm your nervous system, go outside. Sometimes all it takes is a walk around the neighborhood. Even a small task such as making a trip to the mailbox helps immensely.

In the newest One Minute To Calm video, Tamara talks about ways you can log-in and connect back with nature. Everyone knows how to connect digitally today. Yet, it’s time to log out of the media and give nature more love.

For more FREE videos to help you through the coronavirus crises with more ease, please visit the COVID-19 Channel in the Playlist section of our Loving Meditations App.

Wishing you calm,
Tamara & David

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