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One Minute to Calm: How Gratitude Could Help Lower Your Fear During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you bored out of your mind being stuck at home all day? All your favorite places aren’t open. And everyone is socially distancing themselves to stay safe. We have the Coronavirus to thank for that.

Yet, what if being thankful is the message behind everything. Maybe the Universe is indicating to us all to appreciate our many blessings. Sometimes life removes things from us, making the heart grow fonder.

In a world riddled with issues, it’s easy to stay in a fear-based way of thinking. Did you know being grateful can help reduce any fear you feel right now? By expressing gratitude, you shift your focus to the good things in your life.

In this video, Tamara explains how having an attitude of gratitude helps fear fall to the wayside. Use this One Minute To Calm Exercise to level up on your gratefulness. Simply saying “Thank You” has never been easier.

For more FREE videos to help you through the coronavirus crises with more ease, please visit the COVID-19 Channel in the Playlist section of our Loving Meditations App.

Wishing you calm,
Tamara & David

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