Fotosearch_k17753946Loving Meditations is the only mindfulness-based program which empowers cancer patients and caregivers to become active participants in their healing journey, from diagnosis to survivorship.

Our daily programs for stress, fear, sleep, breathing and pain can reduce side effects and help cancer patients tolerate and manage unpleasant symptoms.

Studies confirm that caregivers play host to a high level of compassion fatigue. Our programs for caregivers can dramatically reduce the burnout and stress associated with caring for a loved one with serious illness.

Your patients and caregivers can experience powerful meditations at their fingertips.  Loving Meditations are delivered with user-friendly technology, via the iOS app or Web App, at healthcare facilities or at home. Effective guided audios and videos use mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) practices, contributing to a balanced, integrative approach to cancer therapies.


Features & Benefits:

What if patients could start their cancer journey with a sense of calm, peace and hope… before treatment even starts?
The only programming specifically designed for cancer patients and their caregivers
Staff can focus on delivering great care if patients are receptive, comfortable and satisfied
Patients can make productive use of infusion, treatment and waiting time
Low per-patient cost
Provides structured daily program sequence
Can be bundled with calming Waiting Room TV content
Cancer patients are in a state of calm before they’re even seen by doctors and staff
Founders David and Tamara have been through the cancer experience. They understand how your cancer patients (and caregivers) feel.
Makes it easy for MBSR* to be part of your treatment plan
Can be viewed anytime/anywhere, with user-friendly technology
Has motivating guided walk exercise programs
* Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Loving Meditations Waiting Room TV

doctor-waiting-room-calming-tv-loop-benefit-mind-bodyWhat if your waiting room TV could be used to benefit patients instead of stressing them with the noise and chatter of news and daytime TV?  Click here to learn more: Loving Meditations Waiting Room TV