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  • Nancy Gaines Podcast

BronxNet TV Open: Interview with Rhina Valentin 12/1/17









Leaders of Transformation podcast interview Tuesday November 28th with Nicole Jansen.

Mark Susnow hosts the Inspire Possibility radio show on Stitcher, iTunes, Blog Talk and BBSRadio:

The Autoimmune Hour with Sharon Sayler:  (& podcast)


Originally aired November 7, 2017
Archived here:


Nationally syndicated radio show Take the Lead with Dr. Diane Hamilton where highly successful individuals chat about how to achieve success in all levels of business.

Airing Wednesday, December 27th at 10am EST on 12 AM/FM Stations including:

  • Tampa AM 1630, FM 92.1
  • Las Vegas AM 1520, FM 107.1
  • Macon AM 810, FM 87.9
  • Lancaster AM 1640, FM 102.1
  • Boulder FM 100.7
  • Milwaukee FM 104.1
  • Pittsburgh FM 107.3
  • Long Beach FM 101.5
  • The Villages Florida FM 97.7
  • Colorado Springs FM 87.9
  • Jacksonville FM 90.3


My Authentic Life Magazine• Nov 2017 Cover Story


BronxNet TV Interview Feb 17, 2017 | OPEN Friday Rhina learns about a program to help cancer patients and their caregivers through their healing journey.


The Colon Cancer Podcast [Listen Anytime RADIO SHOW]
Via website:
On iTunes:


entre-convJanuary 31, 2017 3 PM - Entrepreneur Conversations [RADIO SHOW] with Christine Monaghan




randi-fineOctober 21, 2016 @ 11:00am ET [RADIO SHOW] A Fine Time for Healing with Randi G. Fine on blogtalk radio. Listen to the show live, or hear the recorded version after air date:

cancer-warriorMel Majoros sits down with Cancer Survivor David Dachinger and his wife licensed psychotherapist Tamara Green, creators of Loving MeditationsClick here to listen to the show

or here


breats-friendsBreast Friends Cancer Support Radio Network on Voiceamerica.  Listen to archived show after the airdate here:

Live Events

December 18, 2017
Gilda’s Club
Body Tapping Therapy and Meditation


December 4, 2017
Gilda’s Club
Body Tapping Therapy and Meditation


October 30, 2017
Gilda’s Club
Body Tapping Therapy and Meditation


October 16, 2017

Gilda’s Club
Body Tapping Therapy and Meditation


October 15, 2017
Making Strides Westchester/ A.C.S.
Loving Meditations Station

September 25, 2017
Mt San Antonio Gardens, Pomona, CA
Using Mindfulness to Manage Physical Discomfort and Emotional Stress

September 20, 2017
White Plains Hospital
Mindfulness Presentation
Head & Neck Support Group

September 18, 2017
Gilda’s Club
Body Tapping Therapy and Meditation

September 13, 2017
Ann’s Place, Danbury CT
Meditation Workshop

April 6, 2017
NYU Langone Cancer Center
Mindfulness Presentation


annsplaceDecember 19, 2016
Ann's Place, Danbury, CT
Light body tapping and live meditation workshop for breast cancer survivors.

October 7-27, 2016 [Interview Series]


We're speaking in a brand new interview series our friend and colleague, certified coach and medical doctor Dianne Ansari-Winn, is offering. It's called From Burnout to Brilliant: Invaluable Strategies to Become More Vibrant, Purpose-Driven, and Wildly Successful! and it's designed to help you achieve the work-life balance you deserve – by giving you skills and strategies to get your energy back, take better care of yourself, enjoy better relationships, and enjoy your work.  We're one of the more than 20 featured speakers for this interview series, which runs October 7-October 27, and we'd love for you to join us (at no cost) by signing up here:

Reduce Your Stress & Enjoy Your Life <<< Sign Up Here At No Cost

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June 7, 2016 @ 7:00pm ET [PODCAST]

10629265_865031036849930_8413553567624344478_oW4CS Radio with Lise Alschuler and Karolyn Gazella