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One Minute To Calm: How to Embrace Uncertainty in the Midst of the Coronavirus

Are you living with a high level of uncertainty right now? Don’t worry. You’re not the odd one out. The current world events are affecting every single person on the planet.

It’s okay to feel uncertain, but is it making you anxious about the future? Does it feel like your thoughts are racing a million miles a minute? Are you allowing fear of the unknown to consume you?

What if we told you the solution is to embrace uncertainty instead of resisting it? As humans, our instinct is to fear what we don’t know. Yet, you can make the conscious decision to accept change.

We want to share a new video series we created with you called One Minute to Calm. In this video, Tamara shows you a quick and easy exercise to help embrace uncertainty. Sometimes getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is the answer.

For more FREE videos to help you through the coronavirus crises with more ease, please visit the COVID-19 Channel in the Playlist section of our Loving Meditations App.

Wishing you calm,
Tamara & David

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