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One Minute to Calm: How to Ease Stress In Your Mind and Body Using Compassion

Hearing the word “Coronavirus” is enough to invoke fear in anyone. It doesn’t help that the media bombards us with scary information everyday. Does this have you feeling stressed to the max?

Don’t be hard on yourself for feeling the way you do. We’re all in this together. So, have more compassion for yourself and others. When you set your sights on love, stress has nowhere else to go except out the door.

Masses of people are feeling stressed right along with you. It’s a critical time to be kind, compassionate, and uplifting. Love is the best way to shake loose of stress. Are you up to the challenge?

In this video, Tamara reveals simple ways you can apply more compassion on a daily basis. Use this One Minute To Calm exercise to feel more relaxed instantly. Then, watch stress dissipate from your life as you allow love to take the reins!

For more FREE videos to help you through the coronavirus crises with more ease, please visit the COVID-19 Channel in the Playlist section of our Loving Meditations App.

Wishing you calm,
Tamara & David

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