Be A Seeker

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What a touching read by this guest blogger, Tosha Gorden, who shares the Zen that she has gained from her beloved yoga instructor, Joe.

Be A Seeker (ode to Joe)

My dear, it’s time for you to learn to fly. But no, I don’t want to fly, not yet, maybe not ever. It’s so comfortable here in this nest. You tell me everything I need to know. I’m not ready to fly out on my own!

I am having an emotional reaction to my yoga teacher retiring. I literally feel the tears pool in my eyes when I think about it. This is sort of crazy, right? There are a million yoga teachers out there and some of them are good. Really good maybe, but I have learned so much from this one and I don’t feel nearly ready for him to retire. I take his class at a cancer support facility in my town – a wonderful place with tons of offerings to help those fighting cancer and their families. He has volunteered there for 20 years and, by his estimate, taught 1,400 hours of yoga. Wow! Now that is the epitome of shining a light in the world and I’m so thankful for his generosity.

Why am I telling you this? I just don’t feel that it should be over. He has opened my eyes to so many elements of a healthy life. He is a big believer in dedication and doing things with intention and purpose. He trained in the “old” style of yoga – more Hindu-monk-style rather than Colorado-hippie-style. I don’t know why I chose Colorado…no offense CO! And I love hippies! 🙂

From Joe, I have learned about EFT Tapping, Laugh Yoga/Meditation, the importance of breath, less talk and more quiet. His presence is calming and his words are inspiring. As I process all that I will miss about him and his classes, I think about this blog and the many hours of volunteer work I do to create and share it. If one person learns half as much from reading ZenDitty as I learned from Joe, then it is well worth the time and effort I have put into it.

ZenDitty is my ripple in the water… me flapping my wings and going for flight as I learn to fly.

We all have the ability to inspire, teach, love and nurture. Like Joe, let’s find ways to utilize these gifts we’ve been given.

I will have a void in my practice of inner-peace when Joe leaves, but will continue to seek out practices that fill this void. I will seek out more information on the many healing topics he spoke of. Best of all, I will continue to share them with you!

Be sincere and at peace. Honor yourself and others. Life is pretty simple, if we allow it to be.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti
(Peace Peace Peace to all).


Tosha Gorden

“ZenDitty was created after a deep relaxation detoxed stress and fear from my body and allowed me to move forward in my fight against cancer. My goal is to truly enjoy life and make choices to honor those important to me and I vow to give others this gift as well. I want to support you on your journey by sharing my own and learning to keep my Zen in the process.”


From Cancer Blues to Mini-blue

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It’s 3:00 A.M. and I wake up realizing that this is the last day with our beloved Mini-blue. Suddenly flooded with memories of that day when the three of us – my husband David, our son Mark and I – walk into the Mini Cooper dealership, wide-eyed and excited. Smiling, we look at each other knowing what the other was thinking, “This day is finally here! We made it!”

You see, this wasn’t any ol’ day; this was the zenith we’ve been waiting for – where one dramatic period was ending and a new and exciting one was beginning.

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4-Step Guide to Taming Your Fears When Illness Hits: A Caregiver’s Perspective (Part II)

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taming-your-fear-part-1In last week’s post, I shared with you how my world turned totally upside-down in just four terrifying days. Our son with diagnosed with Lyme disease and my husband was told, “You have stage-4 cancer.” Fear took hold of me and shook me to the core. I knew it was time to follow my own prescription for fear by using a process that I had created for my psychotherapy and coaching clients – the method I call F.E.A.R. I’m excited to reveal that today, but first, let’s get the nitty-gritty on fear.

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4-Step Guide to Taming Your Fears When Illness Hits: A Caregiver’s Perspective (Part I)

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taming-your-fear-part-2Four Days and Five Words That Turned My World Upside Down

It was a beautiful day in mid-October and my husband was getting a haircut. His barber, Fast Freddie, said, “Hey man, what’s this lump protruding from your neck?” He admitted to Freddie that he’d never noticed it before. My husband showed me the lump and was convinced that he must’ve pulled a muscle during one of his strenuous weight-lifting workouts. I said, “Let’s make an appointment with the doctor, just to make sure.” With some reluctance, he agreed.

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What You Didn’t Know About Meditation Will Calm You Down Now

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Fotosearch_k0485816I am busting the myth that all meditations are quiet and serene. Actually, some can be quite active, powerful and releasing. Before jumping in and getting physical, first, tune into what’s upsetting you.

Part 1 – What’s Bothering You?

Is something upsetting you? Then, the meditation below will help calm you right down. Go ahead and find out what that is. Does it have to do with a comment someone made or how you are harshly judging yourself? Maybe it’s about your relationship or lack thereof? Good, you are getting to what’s bothering you.

Now feel it… feel your emotions completely and notice where it lands in your body. When you tune into your body, you can locate it right away. I know you don’t like feeling this, and I promise that you’re going to release it soon during the meditation portion of this blog, but for now, just feel it. Be with it. Don’t judge it as “bad”, but allow yourself to feel this feeling entirely. Good for you, because this is not easy.

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The Nasty Little Habit You Need to Break

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Fotosearch_k3950922I have noticed that people are self-reflecting a lot these days. They are asking themselves who they are being with respect to their relationships, jobs, money and even their health.

This is actually very good, however, why are they still in so much emotional and even physical pain? It’s judgment. Judgment is toxic. Most of us judge what we are reflecting on as a damaging habit. We tell ourselves some pretty mean and awful things as we reflect on life. As a therapist and love coach, I’ve heard it all: I’m so stupid; I can’t get it right; I’m a failure; I’ll never measure up; It’s never going to happen for me; I can’t do it; and on and on.

Judgment, energetically speaking, is a contracted energy. It locks you into conclusions, which never feels good to the infinite being that you actually are. When you are judging your experience or the experience of others, it just doesn’t feel good – not to you or anyone around you.

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