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One Minute To Calm: Are Negative Thoughts Wreaking Havoc in Your Mind? (COVID-19)

Anxiety is quite the beast to tame. It’s especially tricky with the Coronavirus, causing a worldwide pandemic. Taking proper precautions is necessary. Yet, are you also taking measures to protect your mind?

The way to peace is by taking control of your thoughts. Anxiety has a way of destroying positive mindsets. Are you allowing it to affect yours?

In the latest One Minute To Calm video, Tamara discusses how you can release anxiety quickly. You don’t deserve to have upsetting thoughts. So, let’s stop anxiety from kicking your ass right now.

For more FREE videos to help you through the coronavirus crises with more ease, please visit the COVID-19 Channel in the Playlist section of our Loving Meditations App.

Wishing you calm,
Tamara & David

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