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We value YOU, so your opinion is incredibly important to us. It would mean so much if you would take this short 5 question survey to let us know how we can improve the Loving Meditations App.

We want Loving Meditations to be your App that offers positive support for YOU during and after your cancer journey.

We really appreciate your help with this!

What features would you like to see in the Loving Meditations app? *

  Yes, please! Nice, but not essential. Not important to me.
Guided Meditations
Guided Hypnosis
Inspiring Daily Affirmations
How to be Grounded and Calm
Body Therapy Tapping
Body Awareness Visualization
Music and Nature Sounds
How to Reduce Stress/Anxiety
Meditations for Beginners
Meditations Specifically for Cancer Patients
Meditations Specifically for Cancer Caregivers
Meditations in Spanish
Virtual Support Groups
Relaxing Content to Watch in Waiting Rooms
1-5 Minute Meditations
5-10 Minute Meditations
10-20 Minute Meditations
20+ Minute Meditations
A Way to Track My Daily Progress
Notifications and Reminders Sent to Me
Inspiring Success Stories
All My Mindfulness Needs in One Place
User Friendly App Experience

If you use other meditation apps, how often do you use them?

If you are unlikely to use the Loving Meditations app, can you tell us why? (Check all that apply) *

How much are you willing to pay PER MONTH for premium content on the app? *

If you use a meditation app other than Loving Meditations, what do you like most about the app? (Please add your general comments here too!)

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