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FAQs: Loving Meditations App

What is the Loving Meditations App? How do I get started?

Loving Meditations experiences are delivered to your iPhone or iPad at healthcare facilities or at home, and use mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) practices. We recommend watching “How to Meditate Successfully” first. Then, either browse the catalog, use the meditations sorting tab or Playlists to find the right Loving Meditations experience for how you’re feeling right now.

How do I sign up and get Premium content?

To join the Loving Meditations community, on the Home Page, tap on: New? Register for Free or Premium content HERE.

Is the App free? When will I get charged? What comes with my membership?

The Loving Meditations app is free to download and use, and includes our free informational videos and meditations. You can purchase a monthly or yearly membership on the App. Your membership unlocks our full library of content, and you’ll have access to all new meditations that we release while your membership is active. To avoid interruption in your membership, select “Auto-renew” on the payment form.

Need more information? Go to Main Menu: Contact Us

How do I Log In and Out?

To Login or Logout of your account, go to Main Menu, tap on Profile page.

I'm outside the US, how do I pay by credit card without a ZIP or POSTAL CODE?

If you live outside the US and do not have a “ZIP” or “Postal” Code, you can still pay by credit card. Simply use the 5 digit number 12345 in the address field that says “Card ZIP or Postal Code”.

How do I use a Coupon Code? (New user)

On the register form below,
Enter a username/email/name/password, then
• Based on your coupon, choose Membership Level: Premium Monthly or Annual
• Enter your discount code and tap Apply
• Skip past the credit card section
• At bottom of page, check Terms of Use and Privacy Policy boxes
• Uncheck Auto Renew
• Tap Register

Start enjoying your Loving Meditations Experience!

How do I use a Coupon Code? (Existing user)

    • Go to Main Menu, then tap Profile
    • (If you’re not Logged In, type in your Username and Password and tap Login)
    • Tap Renew or Change Your Membership
    • Choose Membership Level: Premium Monthly or Annual (Depending on what coupon you are using)
    • Input your discount code and tap the Apply button
    • Skip past the credit card section
  • Scroll to bottom of page and check the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy boxes
  • Uncheck the Auto Renew box
  • Tap Register

Start enjoying your Loving Meditations Experience!

How much data does the app use?

The App streams videos onto your device, so we recommend that you be connected to wifi. The App does not store the videos on your device. Data amount will be automatically optimized based on the best resolution for your device.

Our player will switch quality streams depending on the internet speed available by making regular checks on the your connection and will automatically choose the highest quality version of the video to serve you without buffering.

I'm not hearing any sound when the video plays

— Check to make sure your volume is on and your device is not set to silent mode. Make sure the ring/silent switch is on (not red)

— Make sure the video player sound is unmuted:

— For iPhone or iPads, check this page for troubleshooting your device:

What is the difference between "Meditations" and "Playlists"?

Meditations are individual videos (which can be watched whenever and as often as you like), while Playlists are groupings by topic which you can use as structured daily sequences to step you through a selected topic such as sleep, calm, breath or recharge. The sleep Playlist is set to automatically advance and loop so you can enjoy an extended sleep meditation experience.

How do the Playlists work?

To choose a Playlist sequence, tap on the Playlist’s title (e.g. Serene Sleep). You will see a video player with a sliding tab below containing other meditations in that Playlist. Watch a new one each day or watch your favorite meditation as many times as you wish.

How often do you add new content?

New content is being added regularly, usually every month.

How do I download meditations to my device?

Currently, the meditations are only available as streaming content.

Why is the App crashing when I rotate the video player?

This is a known bug in iOS 12. We are waiting patiently for Apple to address this bug which has been affecting video players from providers like YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia.